Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week #1: Determining Server Support & Determining Preferences

A week has passed since the coding phase began.

In the last week, these things have been done:
* Committing code to project prosody-modules for the first time.
* Adding a new wiki page for my module(mod_archive).
* Communicating with the Gajim team. I've gotten a working copy of the message archiving branch of Gajim, so it'll be more convenient to test and debug my module. Thanks to johnny and Asterix.
* Discussing with MattJ about some implementation details, and getting Prosody 0.7 to run. Thanks to MattJ and waqas.
* Working on the module. I've implemented these two features: Determining Server Support & Determining Preferences as planned.

The plan for the next week:
* Setting Default Modes
* Setting Modes for a Contact
Maybe more, hopefully. :-)

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